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The Divide and Conquer software design paradigm is notorious for its strong problem solving abilities. By carefully breaking down problems into manageable subproblems, algorithms can efficiently and predictably find solutions.

However, designing a Divide and Conquer algorithm on the spot is nothing short of difficult. In my personal experience, I’ve…

Clock displaying Roman numerals
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I see this come up time and time again. Because the Roman numeral number system contains a tally-like, sometimes out-of-order layout, countless software engineers are intimidated when asked to programmatically convert from Roman numeral to decimal (base 10).

Anecdotally speaking, I’ve been given this task during coding interviews countless times…

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I live by a simple rule — If a task requires more than five minutes per day, spend five minutes automating it. Rarely do I ever break this rule, and for good reason.

Automation has completely reshaped how I use my mac; the personalization, time savings, simplicity, and ultimate power…

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When the first Apple Watch launched in 2015, I was blown away by the design of the home screen in WatchOS. The layout deviates from more standard, grid-based app organization methods, and instead proposes an original, visually dynamic interface.

Five years later, I still find myself in awe when opening…

Part of what makes C incredibly powerful is its complex type declarations. These statements can become infinitely complex, making it a necessity that we know how to express them into plain English.

A sample complex C variable type declaration

Like in most things programming, this is done by merely following an algorithm.

1. Identify and Locate the Variable Name

This is typically a name…

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